Dynabook Tools & Resources

We've got an arsenal of weapons prepared for you to use on the battlefield. These items should prepare you for victory on any and every level. If you don't see what you need, let us know and we'll create something for you.


Laptop Grids


Portégé Models

Portégé X30L-K (13th Gen)

Portégé X30W-K (13th Gen)

Portégé X40L-M (Core Ultra)

Portégé X40L-K (13th Gen)

Portégé X40-K (13th Gen)

Tecra Models

Tecra A40-K (13th Gen)

Tecra A50-K (13th Gen)

Satellite Pro Models

Satellite Pro C40 (Intel Core Series 1)

Satellite Pro C40-K (13th Gen)

Satellite Pro C50 (Intel Core Series 1)

Satellite Pro C50-K (13th Gen)

Education Models

E11W-A13 (2024)

E11W-A12 (2024)

E11-A11 (2024)

E11-A10 (2024)