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Timer Pro
Storyboard Software

Timer Pro offers a single integrated video-based solution to measure, identify and eliminate process waste to improve operation efficiency, reduce costs and document processes.

Timer Pro Storyboards allow users to create detailed video-based training and support content using only their Excel skills. The software requires no video editing experience. Content creators can add audio, text, graphics and hyperlinks to the Storyboard directly in Excel.

Once completed the Excel Storyboards are published as content-rich training and support videos that end users navigate via simple voice commands or touch directly on the dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses.

Timer Pro Storyboards are ideal for engineers and those with process knowledge to transfer that knowledge in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Customize Your
Developer’s Kit

Not only does Dynabook offer two fully equipped Developer’s Kits, but customers also have the freedom to customize the kit to meet their specific needs via additional batteries, charging options or even mounting accessories.