The Portégé® X40-J Laptop Series
Secure, Fast and
Featuring a mystic blue, aluminum-based
casing and all-new, compact design, the
Portégé X40-J is the perfect mix of style,
form, function and durability.
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Engineered for
Lasting Durability.
The Portégé X40-J is designed to provide
years of worry-free operation in even the most
grueling work environments. Easily holding up to
MIL-STD-810G standard testing methodologies
for strength and durability, its new
aluminum-based design is tough, stylish and
defends against the rigors of modern mobility.
All-Day Productivity
The Portégé X40-J features a new powerful battery
providing enough power to last well beyond the
typical workday with up to 13 hours of battery life
rating. When not in use, Dynabook's Sleep & Charge
technology keeps a USB port powered, allowing the
laptop to charge a smartphone and other accessories.
Security Taken
As a Windows Secured-core PC, the
Portégé X40-J is among the most secure
Windows PCs in the world, featuring
the latest mix of hardware, software and
biometric protection technologies, plus an
added security layer within Dynabook's
proprietary BIOS. The Portégé X40-J is
ideal for mission-critical users in even
the most data-sensitive industries.
+Care Service℠
Warranty with
The Portégé X40-J comes with the Dynabook +Care
Service Warranty with On-Site that includes three
years of on-site service standard for featured
configurations and four years of on-site service for
Build-to-Order configurations. With additional
access to an extensive service and support network,
Dynabook +Care Service warranty helps businesses
minimize downtime and reduce IT costs.
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