Windows Notices

Windows Copilot Notices

Windows 10 Notices

  • The operating system software and updates use significant storage space; user’s storage capacity will be less. For additional information see
  • Windows 10 is automatically updated, which is always enabled. ISP fees may apply. Additional storage and/or hardware requirements may apply over time for updates. See for more details.
  • High-speed internet and Microsoft account may be required for updates and some features (set-up may require significant download); ISP fees apply.

Windows 11 Notices

Downgrade Facilitation products Notice

  • Systems with downgrade facilitation are preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro (or Windows 10 Pro Education) software and also comes with a license for Windows 11 Pro (or Windows 11 Pro Education). You may only use one version of the Windows software at a time. Switching between versions may require you to uninstall one version and install the other version.