Our History

Ceaseless Innovation.
From the Laptop Expert.

For more than four decades, Dynabook Inc. (formerly Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) has shaped the mobile computing market by pushing technology breakthroughs beyond the status quo.

We move forward with this spirit of innovation by featuring more than 30 World’s Firsts technology breakthroughs, and ensuring through our quality and reliability that, when you turn to Dynabook, you’re getting first-to-market expertise, so you can achieve more.

As we continue to expand the limits of mobile computing, our passion for innovation is hardly new, dating back 135 years to two brilliant Japanese inventors, Hisashige Tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka. In what was to become Toshiba, this team inspired the company to develop products that would change society both in Japan and the throughout the world — from X-ray tubes to electric washing machines to the world’s first color video phone and much more.

By 1985, the company mobilized the personal computer with the introduction of the world’s first laptop, the Toshiba T1100, sparking a revolution in thinner, lighter and powerful mobile devices. The world of computing has never been the same.

Dynabook Timeline

Today, although our name has changed, our heritage is still deeply rooted in this 135-year commitment to innovation, quality and reliability.