PetBook K9 — Playing fetch is so last year!Introducing: PetBook K9 - The world's first laptop for dogs

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PetBook K9 Open View

some models include

Delicious and Durable 100% Organic Rawhide Casing

A highly robust and long-lasting enclosure made of vitamin-enriched 100% digestible organic rawhide keeps his data safe and tasty.

Durable Casing

Built-in DoggyCam for
Video Conferencing

With a fully integrated 3.2 megapixel doggycam with mic, socializing can happen anytime, anywhere — his 3:00am barking outbursts are now a thing of the past.


Pawprint Reader Offers Added Security and Convenience

Forget complicated usernames and passwords. A simple swipe of the paw lets you safely log in to your system and access important files and programs.

Pawprint Reader

works great with

Pet Pack for Dogs

Pet Pack for Dogs

The Pet Pack is perfectly designed to fit all doggy shapes and sizes and comes in several exciting colors.

bark2txt Software

Bark-to-Text Software

Easily convert your barks to text using innovative ruff recognition. Send emails or create documents three times faster than most dogs can type with up to 99% accuracy.

More top features

Bone-Shaped Touchpad Provides Easy
Browsing and Navigation
An oversized, chemical-free touchpad makes canine computing fun and protects sensitive paw pads.
Bone Shaped Touchpad
Slobber Resistant Design
A suite of SlobberGuard technologies protects your investment against overabundant salivation, unfortunate accidents and spills.
Slobber Resistant

Hear what others are saying about Toshiba PetBook K9 Laptops

“I now feel a lot more comfortable leaving Rex at home alone while I’m at work. The webcam lets us keep in touch every day – I love my PetBook!”Gail B. — Paris, IL

“Well, I really love the new slobber resistant design that protects our PetBook because Johnson and Richie can’t get enough of that rawhide casing —Thanks Toshiba!”Erik P. — Fullerton, CA


april fools'!

We hope you enjoyed our little April Fools joke. Obviously, the Toshiba PetBook isn’t an actual product. However, we do have many laptop innovations and technologies that are very real so be sure to check them out.

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