The Tablet - REFORMED. Shapes by Toshiba.

“Consumers have been telling us that they’re eager for products that match their personality and style. I think it’s safe to say that Shapes by Toshiba shows that we’ve listened. And we’re not going to stop either. We’ve got a bevy of other shapes in the pipeline too.” Bob Forma Product Manager, Shapes


Available April 1st

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Beyond the Rectangular

Don’t let right angles and straight edges limit your tablet experience. You’re unique and your tablet should be too. With Shapes by Toshiba, we’ve got something for everyone:


Technology that’s come full circle.

Ideal for:

DJs, artists, and custom pizza makers. Or anyone that just doesn’t like to be boxed in.


More than just a convex quadrilateral.

Ideal for:

Politicians and corporate folks. Engineered for people who regularly tuck their shirt in, but actually want to live untucked.


This is one heart you can play with.

Ideal for:

Couples, romantics and the overly emotional. Best suited for those that literally want to wear their heart on their sleeve.


Got an idea for a tablet shape? Tell us! Give it a name and a fun tagline to boot.

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We hope you enjoyed our little April Fools joke. Obviously, the Shapes isn’t an actual product. However, we do have a variety of tablets and ultrabooks that are very real so be sure to check them out.