+Care Service Warranty
Dynabook +Care Service warranty is a new, premier
warranty designed to keep your business moving forward.
We engineer our laptops to provide years of worry-free
productivity and back them with the peace of mind of our
+Care Service warranty. Offered on select Dynabook-
branded laptops, +Care Service is available for three-years
on feature configurations and four-years on Build-to-Order
models. In addition to multi-year warranties, Dynabook
customers also get access to the organization’s service and support network should you ever need it.
+Care Service Warranty
Customer Support Information
Flexible, Comprehensive Warranty That Revolves Around You
Warrany Features
Product Service Support That Fits Your Needs
Dynabook +Care Service warranty means that we are here for you, whatever your need may be.
With five convenient service offerings available to all Dynabook laptops with +Care Service warranty,
we make servicing your product painless. To get your +Care Service started contact Dynabook at
Technical Phone.
Support Service.
We offer complimentary
phone support. Our
phone techs are highly
trained and a key
component to getting
you back to business.
Depot Repair Service
We will coordinate the shipment of
your Dynabook-branded laptop back
to our Depot Center in the United
States and quickly perform the
necessary repairs to return you back
to peak operating performance.
Bring your Dynabook
laptop into any of our
more than 1,000 global
Authorized Service
Providers for quick and
convenient service.
Onsite Service
Whether you are working from home or the
office, our mobile technicians will come to you as
quickly as the next business day within the
United States and get your system up and
Customer Replacement Parts
For easily swappable items like batteries,
memory modules, HDD/SSDs and AC adapters,
customers can request next-day replacement
through Dynabook’s online Troubleshooting
Assistant or Dynabook Business Support Center.
To learn more about +Care Service, visit https://support.dynabook.com/warranty