Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service

Dive Into Desktop Virtualization, Securely and Cost-Effectively

Toshiba Virtual Desktop as a Service Program At-a-Glance

Today’s organizations have an ever-growing need to secure corporate data, while controlling capital expenses. And finding the right balance can be a challenge. That’s why more and more organizations are choosing a smarter alternative: virtual desktops

Toshiba’s new Virtual Desktop Service allows your Windows operating system and other software traditionally located on individual PCs to be installed, stored, run and managed on servers in secure Toshiba data centers. Because software is streamed to client devices as needed through the Internet, each application becomes an on-demand service that’s centrally managed, highly available, secure and up to date.

Benefits of Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service

  • Faster desktop deployment, migration and updates
  • Supports your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program
  • Improved flexibility for diverse work styles (e.g., mobile workers, work-from-home and hot-desking)
  • Increased data security
  • Reduced capital and lower PC operating costs
  • More responsiveness to various user needs
  • High performance and availability
  • Higher efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Improved business continuity through data centralization

Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service: Your Secure Choice

Not only can your employees use the device of their choice, Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service retains all the data in one of Toshiba’s secure data centers and delivers it to your employees’ client devices only through a secure connection—and only for the duration of that session.

Your IT administrator simply logs into the service and through an easy-to-use interface, defines the performance level, operating system and applications available to each user type. When employees log in, they’re presented with the exact desktop and functionality they need. It’s increased flexibility for your employees—and improved control for your IT organization.

why toshiba?

As a global innovator, leading storage provider and laptop pioneer for over a quarter century, Toshiba offers the expertise and secure data center infrastructure to host, manage and deliver virtual desktops to your employees—even mobile workers. Not only do we have robust hardware experience, we have made significant data center investments to host your data safely and securely. Using Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service, we’ll help you realize:

  • Reduced capital expenses | Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service eliminates the need to invest in and manage costly data center hardware.
  • Enhanced security | Company data is totally secure since Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service is hosted in Toshiba data centers that are SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Type II and SOC 3 SysTrust Certified.
  • Employee mobility | Mobile workers can access Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service securely from any Internet-enabled device while company data stays secure in the Toshiba data center.
  • BYOD Support | With support for most client operating systems (including Windows, Linux, Android and iOS), Toshiba Virtual Desktop Service supports your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs.
  • High Performance | Toshiba’s propriety hybrid storage system provides optimal performance which addresses the issue of boot storms

Benefits for Every Size Company
Regardless of your business size or type, Virtual Desktop Service can deliver compelling benefits.

Small Businesses: Enjoy reduced costs, thanks to reduced IT capital expenditures and less IT administration.

Midsize Businesses: Capitalize on easy manageability and administration, with a variety of cloud service offerings designed for high performance and availability.

Enterprises: Rest assured you’ve got airtight data security, thanks to Toshiba data center-hosted Virtual Desktop Service.

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