What if you had access to your trove of digital treasures—files, photos, movies, videos and music—anywhere around the world? What if you could relax knowing they’re backed up and secure at home (not some far-off land online), in one convenient place, ready to be downloaded or streamed easily across the HDTVs, PCs and sound system in your home network1? Then you’d know how great it feels to live with Personal Cloud Storage.

Get Anywhere Access

Present your wedding pics to friends and family on a whim—most anywhere. Grab office files to catch up on work while traveling. Latitude and longitude don’t matter. With Personal Cloud Storage, if you’ve got Internet access, you have a safe, secure pipeline to all your digital treasures. The one thing you don’t have is an annoying monthly fee2.

Stream Media at Home

Personal Cloud Storage enables you to stream media to your HDTVs or entire home entertainment system—all around the house1. No wires. No trouble whatsoever. Start watching a movie in the living room, then move it to the bedroom for a nightcap. Regale your next party with whole-house music. Or splash your vacation photos across your bigscreen television.

Enjoy Broad Compatibility

Tablets. Smartphones. PCs. You have a growing brood of gear you can’t live without. (The more the merrier.) Which is why you’ll be happy to know that Personal Cloud Storage apps let you get to your files and multimedia through any Windows® PC, iOS or Android-based mobile device. Now you can work, play, entertain and study at the spur of the moment.

1. Requires DLNA-compatible devices for streaming content

2. One time product and internet fees apply

Which Hard Drives come with Personal Cloud Capability?

Which Hard Drives come with Personal Cloud Capability?

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