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Over 135 years of them. Since 1875, Toshiba has introduced a long line of brilliant innovations. And now? When it comes to developing new technologies we're right where you'd expect (and want) us to be—on the cutting edge.

Cloud Storage ServicesCloud Storage Services

What is the Cloud?

Clearing up the mist-ery behind the hottest trend in tech. Learn more in this cloud technology guide.

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Android™ 4.2 JellyBean

The ideal companion for mobile computing

Android’s flexible new operating system is loaded with fresh features to make your mobile devices faster, more customizable, and more fun.

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Windows 8 UpgradeGet to know Windows 8

Meet the new Windows

Learn more about the features of this new operating system, the different versions available or how to upgrade to windows 8 and more.

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Windows 8 FeaturesThe new Windows 8

Fast, fluid, beautiful

The new windows 8 is smooth, intuitive, and gives you instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you spend less time searching and more time doing.

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Cloud Storage StoreCloud Storage

Store, stream and share anywhere

See how easy it is to access all your digital treasures around your home or around the world thanks to the Canvio® Personal Cloud Storage.

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Meet the new breed of laptop

Combining the convenience of a tablet with the capabilities of a laptop, the ultra-stylish, ultra-responsive Ultrabook sets a new standard in portable computing.

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3D PC Technology

Embrace Eye-popping Imagery

Immerse yourself in the thrill of three dimensions with our line of 3D laptops.

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Sleep and Music

Crank up the tunes

Scale up songs and other sounds by tapping into your laptop’s speakers even when the PC is asleep or off.

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3D vision™ technology

The ultimate immersive experience

Now you can enjoy a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience with select laptops featuring NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2.

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NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology

Play harder, venture farther

Great battery life and great performance, without compromise. With NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology rest assured your laptop battery will last long enough to get the job done.

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Intel® Turbo Boost

Kick it into overdrive

Available on any of our laptops built with Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors, Intel Turbo Boost Technology helps deliver more performance when and where you need it.

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USB Sleep-and-Charge Ports

Quench your thirst for power.

Thanks to USB Sleep-and-Charge ports on your PC, you can charge your smart phone, MP3 player or other portable electronics, even when your laptop is turned off or asleep.

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Give your media a facelift

This Toshiba exclusive innovation, available with the Toshiba DVD Player software, takes standard definition DVD content and upscales it so you get a sharper, more vibrant picture that looks and feels more like HD.

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Eco Utility™

Click on a greener planet

Toshiba laptops equipped with our power-saving eco utility™, offer improved energy management. With a single click you can switch to a pre-configured power plan that will not only let you go green, but let you see the measurable savings too.

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Intel® Wireless Display

Make a big scene

Now you can use your Toshiba laptop to savor multimedia, online entertainment or other content on your big screen TV, enjoying great image clarity and sound without sacrificing quality, thanks to award-winning Intel® Wireless Display available on select laptops.

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Touch Screen

Empower your fingers.

Toshiba strives to make the laptop a natural tool for improving everyday life. We now offer a new way to navigate your digital world—through touch screen display technology available on select laptops.

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Take the web to go.

Feeling wired to wireless hotspots is over—thanks to new Toshiba advancements like our WiMAX-ready laptops powered by the Intel® Core™ processor. It extends your freedom well beyond Wi-Fi because WiMAX lets you take your home internet experience with you when you leave your home.

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Premium Laptop Features

Convenient set of features.

Thanks to our newest set of premium features, our laptops not only make life easier but they also make it more enjoyable.

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EasyGuard® Technology

Meet mobile life head on.

Between theft, spills and jolts and lost wireless connections, the real world can be a real challenge, no matter how careful you are with your PC. So be prepared-with Toshiba EasyGuard® Technology*. Built into select laptops, it's like an added blanket of protection to help you go mobile with confidence.

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Store it smarter. Get it faster.

Faced with a growing collection of files, blossoming photo albums, and a raft of home movies from the ever-trusty camcorder, many have begun using external hard drives to ease the strain on their laptop. But if only they could transfer those files faster. Well, now they can with high-speed eSATA USB ports on Toshiba laptops.

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S/P DIF Digital Audio Port

Sounds like sensational.

Amid today's over-compressed, download-driven audio scene it's easy to forget the pleasure of high-fidelity tones—songs, movies or games— heard over an elaborate sound system. Which is why Toshiba has equipped the headphone jack on many of its laptops for double duty, serving as an S/P DIF digital audio port so you can plug into a home theater system.

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Hard Drive Impact Sensor

Taking the shock out of the unexpected.

Living the mobile life is great. Until the unexpected happens. One fall off a table, one sharp jolt on a cramped cross-country flight or crowded classroom and all your precious files, media and other data stored on your laptop could be in jeopardy. Fortunately, Toshiba has you covered.

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PC Health Monitor

All systems are go.

What if your laptop could foresee problems before they happen? That's the whole idea behind PC Health Monitor. Part of our 4th-Generation EasyGuard® Technology suite, it takes protection to the next level by proactively checking your machine and alerting you to issues ahead of time.

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Intel or AMD?

Which processor is right for you?

Also referred to as the CPU, the processor is the brains of the computer. It's the most important chip in a PC, and it has power-management features that extend battery life. Our laptops use a variety of processor types from AMD and Intel. Read more to decide which one is best for you.

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Solid State Drives

Lightning fast while still standing still.

Regular hard drives find data with a “head” that moves across a spinning disc. That takes precious milliseconds. But with solid state drives there are no moving parts. Your data is always poised and ready to burst forth at the blink of an eye. It's just crazy quick.

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