EasyGuard Technology — Meet Mobile Life Head On.

Meet Mobile Life Head On. EasyGuard Technology.

We’ve got your back
Between theft, spills and jolts, prying eyes and lost wireless connections, the real world can be a real challenge, no matter how careful or smart you are with your laptop. So be prepared-with Toshiba EasyGuard® Technology*. Built into all our Tecra® and Portégé® laptop models, it’s like an added blanket of protection and convenience to help you go mobile with confidence. (Just what you’d expect from the world’s laptop experts.)

Protect & Fix Get set for life on the move

Since you never know whom or what you’ll bump into, your Toshiba is built to better safeguard its critical components against the rigors of today’s mobile world. With EasyGuard® Technology the information on your hard drive is better protected against life’s bumps and bruises. We’ve also gone to great lengths ensuring that the window into your system—its display—is more durable. Plus, you’ll rest easier knowing our keyboards are designed to help protect your PC from the most commonly spilled liquids—water, coffee and, yes, even beer. Life does indeed happen. And your Toshiba is ready to help keep you going when it does.

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EasyGuard® Protect & Fix

Secure Our goal? Your peace of mind

You’re busy taking care of business. But don’t worry. We’ve been busy too—inventing extra security measures to guard both your laptop and the critical information on it. This multi-tiered approach starts with features that help prevent theft. Yet our EasyGuard® Technology goes way beyond that, with innovations that better prevent unauthorized users from accessing your system. And it’s topped by the latest in advanced encryption technologies to better keep your confidential information strictly confidential. Why? Because your laptop and your data should belong to you—and only you.

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EasyGuard® Secure

Connect Get a great reception wherever you go

Without a wireless connection even a crowded café can seem like a deserted island. But Toshiba offers an oasis of sorts—our EasyGuard® Technology. Using a unique, patented wireless antenna design and a powerful software utility—ConfigFree®, we make it easier to establish the strongest wireless connection almost anywhere you go, quickly switch connection profiles, and easily troubleshoot your connection should a problem occur. Staying productive while staying in touch. What a perfect way to make mobile life better!

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EasyGuard® Connect

Optimize Imagine—laptops that work with you

When it comes to mobile computing there’s nobody quite like you. So make your Toshiba laptop a believer by tailoring it to match your needs and working style—with our EasyGuard® Technology. This suite of innovations includes features like a one-touch presentation button, shortcut keys for simplifying common functions, a Wireless On/Off Switch, and a convenient power-saving utility, which lets you easily conserve battery power (great for long plane flights). The ability to go farther, work smarter and enjoy more. Isn’t that why you want a Toshiba laptop?

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EasyGuard Connect

Stay connected — without worrying about your connection.
With Toshiba EasyGuard® Connect*, accessing the Web, networks and email is a fast and simple process. EasyGuard® Connect makes it easier to transfer data, retrieve data, stay connected and troubleshoot connectivity issues. It includes features and technologies you'll find only in a Toshiba notebook.

Diversity Antenna
Toshiba patented diversity antenna provides a stable, reliable wireless* experience. And, because it is located on the top of the LCD, external features such as your desk and hands have minimal interference with your wireless connection. Notebooks with Bluetooth® wireless technology also include a Bluetooth® wireless antenna located between the wireless LAN antennae. The wireless antennae support 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual bands — and the notebook automatically chooses the one that provides the faster connectivity standard supported by the integrated Wi-Fi® wireless module. This means you are automatically connected to the best frequency wherever you are. learn more »

Toshiba ConfigFree® Software
This proprietary, pre-installed Toshiba software allows users to easily set up a network connection, troubleshoot connectivity problems, capture a complete set of location settings for future use and create an ad hoc network for collaboration.

It displays an intuitive, graphical user interface showing nearby active Wi-Fi®* wireless access points, along with Bluetooth® wireless technology devices, making it simple to detect and complete a connection. If users experience network connectivity problems, ConfigFree® Connectivity Doctor can analyze the network connection and switch to a different one if necessary. With ConfigFree® Summit, users can take part in virtual meetings and share files wirelessly with other Toshiba notebook users running ConfigFree® Summit. By easily establishing and maintaining a network connection wherever you are, you can quickly access the programs and files you need — and stay connected without worry. learn more »

EasyGuard® Connect features at a glance
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* Toshiba EasyGuard® technology comprises a number of features some of which may or may not be available on a particular Toshiba notebook depending on the model selected. See www.easyguard.toshiba.com for detailed information.

EasyGuard Secure

Know the only person who can get in your notebook is you.
Toshiba EasyGuard® Secure* helps defend your notebook against unauthorized access, theft and viral attacks. Our exclusive combination of advanced security features protects your notebook at multiple levels to ensure that your confidential data stays that way.

Fingerprint Reader
This embedded biometric scanner plus software utility allows you to swipe your finger across the reader to gain access to your notebook. Use this combination to replace or augment the traditional Microsoft® Windows® log-on password in addition to commonly used programs or websites. On systems with the Trusted Platform Module, you can even use the fingerprint reader to encrypt files and folders for an additional layer of security. learn more »

Multiple-Level Password Utilities
Most computers are typically protected by a single password, making them more susceptible to system break-ins. Multiple-level password utilities add an extra layer of protection. This suite of utilities enables users and administrators to establish Basic Input/Output Systems (BIOS) and hard disk drive (HDD) passwords. Users can implement security “checkpoints” throughout their Toshiba systems, ensuring that no unauthorized users will be able to boot up or access protected information on the hard drive. This suite of utilities also makes it easy to register/delete or change passwords at the user and administration levels.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
This Trusted Computing Group-compliant embedded security chipset and software application work together to provide high-level protection for encryption keys, passwords and user credentials. TPM also allows users to encrypt documents and files in a Personal Secure Drive that works the same way a Microsoft® Windows® drive does. All of the keys are stored in the TPM memory instead of the PC memory, to help ensure that the information cannot be read or deciphered. Because the embedded TPM security controller uses public and standardized specifications, the level of notebook security is better than systems based on standard, software-only encryption authentication solutions. learn more »

Toshiba Secure Digital™ Token Utility
Forget passwords, literally. This Toshiba utility allows system administrators and users to replace standard password input with a Secure Digital™ (SD) token card — a memory card — for quick, easy, secure boot up of your notebook. Pop it in and you'll get instant access to your data, plus the added comfort of knowing that only you are in control of your key. Another bonus: The SD token

card is less expensive than a dedicated USB key or Smart Card — and there's no need to purchase dedicated security tokens.

Advanced Instant Security
Think of it as a car alarm for your notebook. An internal sensor detects if your notebook is picked up and promptly sounds an alarm. You can easily enable or disable this feature as your needs dictate with a unique hot-key combination. So when you're in an airport, library or coffee shop — places where notebooks are in danger of theft — you can be confident that any thief will be met with a shrill alarm.

Toshiba Device Lock Utility
This customizable utility restricts copying files to or from a notebook, and also prevents data criminals from booting up your system with a secondary hard disk drive. Once you install the device lock, a simple, easy-to-use interface will allow you to select which external devices (series, parallel, USB, SD, etc.) permit copying of data and which external devices (internal HDD, external HDD, CD-ROM, floppies, etc.) permit booting. Easy to enable and disable.

Reinforced Security Cable Lock Slot
For sticky fingers, notebooks are tempting and easy-to-carry targets in environments such as tradeshows, public spaces and large gatherings. This metal-reinforced slot built into the notebook chassis enables the attachment of a variety of notebook security cables, so you can secure your notebook to a desk or table. This theft deterrent is both visual and physical — and it's a simple, cost-effective way to secure your notebook.

Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit)
XD-Bit is available on select notebooks equipped with Intel® Pentium® M Processors and Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 operating systems. XD-Bit can help isolate system threats from virus and worm attacks before they can damage a notebook's operating system. When a virus or worm attempts to insert code into a processor's buffer, XD-Bit disables the execution of the code. learn more »

EasyGuard® Secure features at a glance.
See which EasyGuard® Secure components are included in each of our notebooks in the comparison chart. download chart »

* Toshiba EasyGuard® technology comprises a number of features some of which may or may not be available on a particular Toshiba notebook depending on the model selected. See www.easyguard.toshiba.com for detailed information.

† Toshiba Device Lock Utility This utility is available to direct customers upon request.

EasyGuard Optimize

Be your best with a notebook optimized to do the same.
Toshiba EasyGuard® Optimize technology* is a series of proprietary software enhancements that allows you to customize your notebook settings to maximize system performance and battery life based on your individual needs and preferences. So whether you create spreadsheets all day or give presentations on a regular basis, you'll know that your notebook is performing at its best — so you can too.

Toshiba Presentation Button
Take the boot-up time out of your presentation with a one-touch button that displays your work on LCD projectors or external monitors easily and instantaneously. The button can even be programmed to default to a specific resolution — taking the guesswork out of connecting to an unknown projector. With the one-touch presentation button, you'll appear more polished and professional, not to mention more relaxed, when you don't have to stall while your system catches up with you.

Toshiba Zooming Utility
Go easy on your eyes with one-touch magnification of documents, Web pages and spreadsheets. The Toshiba Zooming Utility allows you to enlarge fonts, icons and toolbars.

LCD Screen Rotation Utility
The LCD Screen Rotation Utility allows you to rotate a notebook's screen image 180 degrees, helpful when you're sharing information with a colleague sitting across the table or desk.

One-Touch Resolution Change
Magnify and view digital pictures, images, MPEG videos, Web pages and more with a simple keystroke, so you can enjoy full-screen viewing while maintaining the original format.

Toshiba Power Saver
Just sat down in a long meeting and forgot your power supply? No problem. Adjust your setting with the exclusive Toshiba Power Saver to maximize battery life and breeze through the meeting fully connected. This intuitive graphical user interface lets you customize your notebook settings to optimize performance and battery life, based on your specific preferences.

Each profile allows you to select the approximate level of performance for critical system components (screen brightness, CPU, cooling, when an inactive screen or HDD turns off, etc.). You can select higher performance levels (lowering system battery life) or more conservative performance levels (increasing system battery life). An indicator along the bottom of the window reflects how the power management setting will increase system performance or battery life.

Toshiba ODD Power On/Off Utility
For long work sessions away from a plug, this useful feature allows you to turn off the power of the integrated optical disk drive (ODD) to conserve battery life. Every time you open Windows Explorer or open a file within an application, a check is made of every drive in the system including the optical drive. But no check is required if the optical drive is off — meaning less battery power is consumed.

Wireless On/Off Switch
This is a physical switch that allows you to enable and disable the integrated wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) and Bluetooth® wireless modules as you need them, so you can conserve battery power. When it's activated, wireless technology uses battery power by constantly searching for a signal. Therefore, it makes sense to turn the technology off when you aren't using it. The wireless on/off switch makes it easy to do just that.

Toshiba Fn-esse®
It's like speed-dial for your notebook! Toshiba Fn-esse® lets you assign tasks to specific key-stroke combinations, so you can do things like open your email or Internet Explorer by pressing a few keys.

Toshiba Mouse Utility
This feature lets you customize the touch pad, AccuPoint® and button functionality to meet your individual mouse preferences. You'll work faster and easier when you can implement gestures-based functions on the touch pad or assign specific features to the mouse buttons. The Easy Setup Wizard walks you through all your options — and you can customize the mouse settings even further via the “detailed” settings tab.

Toshiba FN Shortcut Keys
There's always a faster way with Toshiba. The Toshiba FN Shortcut Keys use pre-assigned keystrokes to simplify system management and settings options. There are up to 17 pre-assigned functions, including keys that will place the notebook in hibernate mode and increase or decrease screen brightness. This feature increases efficiency by replacing common actions that require multiple mouse clicks, so you can just press a key and go.

EasyGuard® Optimize features at a glance
See which EasyGuard® Optimize components are included in each of our notebooks in the comparison chart. download chart »

* Toshiba EasyGuard® technology comprises a number of features some of which may or may not be available on a particular Toshiba notebook depending on the model selected. See www.easyguard.toshiba.com for detailed information.

EasyGuard Protect & Fix

Store your life in your notebook — and know it's safe.
Toshiba EasyGuard® Protect & Fix technology* helps protect key components from impact, vibration, spills and other everyday hazards to minimize the risk of lost data. It also includes software that will provide a thorough system evaluation for a quick diagnosis in the event of possible damage.

Now enjoy proactive PC health!
What if your laptop could give you more uptime by alerting you to issues before they become problems? Well, now it can! Forged from years of testing and refinement, our new 4th-Generation EasyGuard® Technology suite comes with an innovative PC Health Monitor. It’s like having an onboard IT expert, making sure you always have plenty of horsepower to stay ahead―and out of trouble. Learn more about PC Health Monitor »

Shock Absorbing Design*
By applying principals used in the auto industry to protect passengers, Toshiba notebooks reduce the risk of system damage and data loss in the event of accidental fall, impact or vibration. Airpocket cushioning and special padding materials have been integrated into the notebook's base and display to protect key components (HDD, LCD, inverter) and the chassis. Your notebook is better protected from everyday bumps, knocks and jostling that are inevitable when you're running to a meeting or through the airport. The shock absorbing design* helps ensure that you don't lose critical data and time because of a damaged notebook, so you can stay productive — and worry-free. learn more »

Hard Disk Drive Protection
In case of shock, vibration or fall, the hard disk drive (HDD) head can scratch the spinning disks while reading or writing data, resulting in data loss or even destruction. Hard Disk Drive Protection includes two levels of internal support and one level of external support specifically for the hard disk drive (HDD). The exclusive Toshiba 3D accelerometer detects free falls in all directions and rapidly moves the HDD head from between the HDD platters in preparation for impact. Shock absorption technology* further reinforces the HDD in the event of an impact or vibration. And on the outside of the notebook, the HDD Dome Shock Protector reinforces the area of the chassis closest to the HDD platters in order to provide further protection from impact.

Spill-Resistant Keyboard*
This technology includes a cover, tape and insulators to help protect the notebook circuitry from moisture that may come into contact with the keyboard. If liquid spills contact notebook circuitry, they can

damage key components, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs and possible data loss. The spill-resistant keyboard* helps safeguard your notebook in case of a spill and gives you time to save and close your open files and turn off the machine.

Magnesium Alloy Casework
Lighter than titanium and other common notebook construction materials, a Toshiba notebook's magnesium alloy chassis is its first defense against falls. This lightweight, rugged material is most commonly utilized in structural, automotive, industrial and aerospace manufacturing. It maximizes durability without adding unnecessary weight, so you can work with a notebook that's as sleek as it is tough.
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Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool
If you suspect a problem with your notebook, Toshiba makes it easy to identify what's wrong. The Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool is proprietary, pre-installed software that you can launch to perform a hardware diagnostic test through a simple, non-technical interface. By self-diagnosing potential hardware issues, you can pinpoint and resolve possible hardware problems by yourself or have pertinent, timesaving information on hand that IT support can use to help remedy the issue.
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Key Component Access
The modularized design of Toshiba notebooks makes it easier to access, remove and replace the hard disk drive, optical disk drive and keyboard or even upgrade system memory. If there is ever a problem with any of these key components, an IT professional will be able to repair your notebook more quickly, so you'll get back up and running in less time.

EasyGuard® features at a glance.
See which EasyGuard® Protect & Fix components are included in each of our notebooks in the comparison chart.
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* Toshiba EasyGuard® technology comprises a number of features some of which may or may not be available on a particular Toshiba notebook depending on the model selected. See www.easyguard.toshiba.com for detailed information.

* Shock Protection Toshiba’s shock absorption technology provides higher impact protection for your system as compared to Toshiba systems without similar shock protection features based on Toshiba’s drop tests. Toshiba’s standard limited warranty terms and limitations apply. Visit www.warranty.toshiba.com for details.

* Spill-Resistant Keyboard Under Toshiba testing conditions, the spill-resistant keyboard delayed the time for a water spill (and on certain select models as expressly advertised by Toshiba, a soda, coffee or beer spill) to reach the computer's main board to allow more time to properly close down the machine. Toshiba’s standard limited warranty terms and limitations apply. Visit www.warranty.toshiba.com for details.