Click on a greener planet

Toshiba Eco Utility™

Now, Toshiba laptops not only set you free, but put you on the road to greener computing. Laptops equipped with our power-saving eco utility™, offer improved energy management. With a single click you can switch to a pre-configured power plan that will not only let you go green, but let you see the measurable savings too.

See how it works
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Measure up the power savings
Giving you the ability to easily click it on and off your laptop, the Toshiba eco utility™ helps you realize measurable energy savings with continuous use. It also activates a light showing you’re in the Eco Mode (only on models with an eco- button).
Get greener over time
The Toshiba eco utility™ also makes it simple to monitor your power usage daily, weekly and monthly. So you can easily spot trends, seeing the times and situations where you’re using the most energy, or how much you’ve saved by putting your laptop in the Eco Mode.
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