eSATA USB Port — Store it smarter. Get it faster.

Faced with a growing collection of personal and professional files, blossoming photo albums, and a raft of home movies from the ever-trusty camcorder, many have begun using a 3-1/2” external hard drive to ease the strain on their laptop. But if only they could transfer those files faster. Well, with the introduction of high-speed eSATA USB ports on new Toshiba laptops, now they can.

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Enjoy a stellar storage solution

Sad but true—all that digital “footage” of your darling new puppy comes at a cost. Typical home video files can range up to 1GB or more. Add thousands of pix, humongous amounts of music plus millions of miscellaneous files and even the biggest hard drive can feel the pinch. But with external storage and an eSATA port on your Toshiba laptop you can offload those files and transfer them faster than via a standard USB port. What a relief!

Fast-forward your movie-making

If you enjoy making movies on your notebook you know how quickly precious hard drive space can vanish. But with an external hard drive and an eSATA port on your Toshiba laptop you quickly gain access to tons of high-speed storage. What’s more, you also get a fast way to move around those chunks of video while making a saga of your big summer party.

Kick up your back-ups

Use an external hard drive to back-up your data? That’s a very smart solution. But with an eSATA port it quickly becomes an absolutely brilliant one. You can transfer your files up to 5 times faster than via a standard USB port. So you’ll be done in a flash and back enjoying the million or so things you can do on your Toshiba laptop.

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