Toshiba Hard Drive Impact Sensor — Taking the shock out of the unexpected.

Living the mobile life is great. Until the unexpected happens. One fall off a table, one sharp jolt on a cramped cross-country flight or crowded classroom and all your precious files, media and other data stored on your laptop could be in jeopardy. Fortunately, Toshiba has you covered.

Get the drop on unexpected falls

You can thank Toshiba innovation for your first line of defense against unforeseen knocks, dings and drops. It's called the Hard Drive Impact Sensor―a complex system of hardware and software designed to detect sudden movements (as when your laptop starts to fall off the table) and "park" the heads of your hard drive before damage occurs. It works faster than you can blink to help protect your laptop and all-important data.

Dial in just the protection you need

Because everyone uses a laptop differently, we made sure you can customize the Hard Drive Impact Sensor to suit your situation. Safely docking your laptop on a desk for awhile? It's okay to "tune" the sensor to its lowest sensitivity level. Taking your laptop around town? Putting it on a school desk or dining table? Better crank up the setting to help keep the unexpected from ruining your work.

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