Play harder.
Venture farther.

NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology

Once you had to choose: either great performance for gaming and other graphics-heavy tasks, or great battery life rating to keep you e-mailing, browsing and studying longer unplugged. Not anymore. NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology gives you the best of both worlds—automatically. And it’s now available on select Toshiba laptop computers.

Keep plugging away, without plugging in
Other laptops make you sacrifice graphics performance for battery power. But with the energy-smart benefits of Optimus™ technology in some of our laptops you can do more, enjoy more of the vibrant multimedia you want, and go longer between recharges. So get in some gaming during late nights on campus. Or sneak in a movie on that cross-country business flight. With Optimus™ technology the power is there.
Curb or increase power, seamlessly
and effortlessly
The beauty of Optimus™ technology is that it automatically shifts from battery-saving integrated graphics to discrete graphics power depending on what you want to do. You can be writing a letter and sipping energy one minute, then maxing out your favorite game the next. No manual switching. No flickering. No shutting down and re-opening apps. You move back and forth with ease.
Get award-winning performance with game-changing gear
With Optimus™ technology you get what you crave: acclaimed NVIDIA® performance to make laptop computing the visual delight it should be. Play today’s top games. Edit movies. Or enjoy the graphics-based benefits of Windows 8, like drag-and-drop video transfers. You’ll still get power-saving sensibilities on less demanding tasks.
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