Crank up
the tunes

Sleep and Music

Toshiba technology can truly take you places you never imagined. But when it comes to getting full enjoyment from your music library, earbuds and headphones can only take you so far. That’s why we’ve introduced Sleep-and-Music on select laptops. It lets you seriously scale up songs and other sounds by tapping into your laptop’s speakers—even when the PC is asleep or off. Having fun. Saving time. Conserving power. That’s Toshiba innovation working for you.

Get more musical mileage
Sleep & Music makes it easy to enjoy scaled up sound wherever you and your laptop roam—on vacation, out on the terrace or quad, and about the house. Simply hook into the microphone jack on your Toshiba laptop. You don’t even need to power up your PC.
Lose the headphones, and hear what you’ve been missing
When it comes to more expansive listening, Sleep & Music takes you beyond earbuds and headphones. Just plug in your MP3 player and you can punch up your whole music library by taking advantage of the first-class sound system on your Toshiba laptop.
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