Keep from spinning out of control

Smart Optical Disk Drive

Backed by over a quarter-century of laptop innovations, Toshiba has thought of something simple yet remarkable: minding the little things can make a big difference in how well a PC performs, and makes life easier for you. Your optical drive is no exception—which is why we offer Smart Optical Disk Drive on select Intel®-based models. So keep plowing ahead. We’ll take care of the rest.

Preserve precious power
With a conventional optical drive your laptop is always checking in to make sure nothing needs spinning. That uses power. And little by little drains your battery. But after about a minute, Smart ODD shuts down the optical drive when it’s not in use. So you’ll save your battery for the things you want to do. Now that’s really smart.
Prevent accidental ejections
How often has your optical drive accidentally ejected when you picked up or moved your laptop? These unexpected mishaps can expose the drive tray to potential damage, and are just downright annoying. But Smart ODD works with Toshiba’s Hard Drive Impact Sensor, by automatically locking the optical drive when laptop motion is detected thus preventing such annoyances. Call it practical!
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