Solid State Drives (SSD) — Lightning fast while standing still.

Sometimes the best way to leap ahead is to simply stop moving. At least that’s true with the solid state drives now offered on select Toshiba laptops. Here’s how this great new technology works: Regular hard drives find data with a “head” that moves across a spinning disc. That takes precious milliseconds. But with solid state drives there are no moving parts. Your data is always poised and ready to burst forth at the blink of an eye. It’s just crazy quick.

Enter a new realm of reliability

Free of moving parts, your solid state drive is designed to last longer than a conventional spinning hard drive. And if you’re a seasoned traveler here’s more good news: it’s also four times as tough and uses up to 50% less power* in idle mode than the older technology. So if your laptop gets smacked while you’re slipping into the window seat, don’t worry. Your data has some of the most advanced protection available and you can work longer.

Relish the joys of big and fast

Solid state drives are almost two times* faster than conventional drives and big, too, holding up to 512GB. So you’ll be able to store and open your holiday photos like that, retrieve those monster spreadsheets or presentations in a flash, and launch even the largest software programs sooner than ever.

Say hi to high-speed gaming

When you’re fully embroiled in the drama, seconds seem like hours. But with your new Toshiba laptop you can load an entire game on one of our huge solid state drives, sit back and enjoy the fun. With no gaps in the action, and no pausing for new chapters, your days of waiting are over.

* 1.7~1.8x faster claim is based on comparison of PCMark05 HDD benchmark score between Toshiba notebooks equipped with SSD and HDD, respectively. Comparison of each test item may vary, and benchmark score for an SSD model on a certain single test item may be lower than its corresponding HDD model. Results were achieved on select models and configurations tested by Toshiba at the time of publication.

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