Take the web to-go — 4G WiMAX

Being wired to wireless hotspots is over – thanks to new Toshiba advancements like the 4G WiMAX ready laptops (available in select Satellite® models) powered by Intel® Core™ processor technology. It extends your freedom well beyond Wi-Fi because 4G WiMAX lets you take your home internet experience with you when you leave your home.

Blazing fast mobile internet™

Mobile internet powered by 4G WiMAX technology is 4 times faster1 than the internet you get on a 3G network. 4G allows you to get the same internet experience on-the-go as you do at home. So you can always stay connected to your email, find friends on your favorite social media sites while at the soccer fields, catch up on work from a café or stream last night’s TV show on the bus. With 4G WiMAX, you get internet over areas much, much larger than Wi-Fi. We’re talking miles, not feet. So, forget about finding a hotspot… get 4G WiMAX which is like a hotspot the size of a city. Service available from CLEAR, Sprint and Time Warner Cable.

Clear 4G WiMax Sprint Time Warner Cable

What Toshiba and 4G WiMAX do for you

Put you in touch from point to point
Use your Toshiba notebook to e-mail, IM and chat live with family and friends, or update your social networking sites. On the run? 4G WiMAX makes sure you’re always around.
Bring fun along for the ride
Dive into multi-player 3D games. Post videos and pictures. Find the nearest restaurant. Or stream movies and radio. With 4G WiMAX, entertainment is never off the menu, even when you’re on the move.
Keep you working while you’re out
Pause and videoconference in a park. Grab important files off your network while carpooling. Or send that proposal from the train. 4G WiMAX means you’re never “out of pocket.”
Prepare you for what’s next
Exciting new location-based services and apps are just around the corner. And your 4G WiMAX-equipped Toshiba PC can put you at the head of the line.

Why you won’t say goodbye to Wi-Fi®

Another benefit of 4G WiMAX is that it works with (not instead of) Wi-Fi® networks, broadening coverage over a far greater area and “filling in the gaps” between hotspots. Together, 4G WiMAX and Wi-Fi® on your Toshiba PC make sure you have the best coverage available. So you can always connect with the people, places and content that enrich your mobile life.

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1 Actual performance may vary and is not guaranteed. CLEAR performance claim is based on average download user speeds achieved during tests performed on the CLEAR commercial network by CLEAR. Other carrier performance based on their advertised claims.

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