Viewing angle should be 40 degrees or less

Seat-to-Screen Viewing Distance

Individual preferences may differ, but to find the best viewing distance we recommend starting with industry standards, which call for multiplying the TV screen size by 1.2 (min distance) and 1.9 (max distance). Then divide the result by 12 to get the right number of feet. For instance, the best distance for a 55” set would be approximately 5.45, or about 5.5 feet.

As a quick guide, if you’re putting your Toshiba HDTV in a room with limited space, we recommend the following:

Screen Size Min. Viewing Distance Max. Viewing Distance
40” 4’ 6.3’
42” 4.2’ 6.7’
46” 4.6’ 7.3’
47” 4.7’ 7.4’
50” 5’ 7.9’
55” 5.5’ 8.7’
65” 6.5’ 10.3’

Based on the chart, the ideal recommended viewing distances are generally in the middle of the (minimum and maximum).

Viewing angle should be 40 degrees or less

Left-Right Viewing Angle

Now that you’ve determined the proper seat-to-screen distance, also keep in mind that you’ll enjoy the best viewing for movies, games and other media if the site line to the TV from where you’re sitting is confined to a 40° angle, as shown in the diagram at left.

Vertical Viewing angle should be 15 degrees or less

Vertical Placement

The height your Toshiba HDTV relative to the point of observation is equally important. As the accompanying picture illustrates, to maintain the best viewing, the line of site to your Toshiba HDTV should stay within a 15° angle.

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