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Need help choosing the right Toshiba HDTV? We've put together some shopping guides to help you sort through your options and make the right choice.

Connected HomeConnected HomeHow To Bring Entertainment into Every Room of Your Home
Home entertainment is no longer just about gathering in front of the living room TV. Thanks to the proliferation of on-demand services and wireless products, you can now enjoy your media on just about any device in any room of your house.
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Toshiba HDTV Buying GuideRecommended TV Viewing Distance Make sure your entertainment measures up
Find out exactly where to place your new Toshiba HDTV—and seating—for the best enjoyment of movies, gaming and more with our interactive viewing distance calculator
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Toshiba HDTV Buying GuideToshiba HDTV Buying Guide All you need to know about HDTVs
The research process of choosing the right High Definition TV can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide to help you pick the Toshiba LCD or LED HDTV that is right for you.
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TV FinderTV Finder Which TV is right for you?
Having a hard time finding a Toshiba TV that’s right for you? You already know what you want, but can’t find an HDTV that matches your criteria. Our TV finder tool will help you find it!.
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Home Theater GuideHome Theater Guide Build-out blockbuster entertainment
You’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable home theater can be. We’ll show you all the options—including the must-have gear and enticing extras.
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Technology Guides

We build our Televisions with innovative and easy to use technologies specially designed to make your life easier.

SmartTVSmartTVIt's TV that thinks big.
What would you call TV that was clued in to the connectivity, convenience and the many kinds of entertainment you like? We call it SmartTV—a suite of breakthrough innovations.
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Calibrate your HDTVCalibrate your HDTVAchieve a strong picture for your HDTV.
You don’t have to be an expert on color calibration to achieve a strong picture for your HDTV. You just have to know the basics.
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Audyssey Audio TechnologyAudyssey Audio Technology Listen up
A suite of premier audio technologies that improves the quality of the television speakers and drivers.
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Gaming ModeGaming Mode Pull out all the stops
Enhance your gaming experience by reducing game controller delay thanks to the gaming mode feature on select Toshiba TVs.
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How do 3D TVs work?How do 3D TVs work? We give you a
“behind-the-screens” look
Take a peek at the science of stereoscopy, and see how it plays out into amazing imagery. Here’s the technology behind the illusion.
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