Toshiba Laptops: Designed for Windows 10,
plus so much more.

New Toshiba laptops are designed to be ready for the new Windows 10 experience - with smart performance and customized features built around the way you want to work and play.

Dual-array TruTalk microphones.

Make the most of your voice-enabled Cortana® digital assistant with dual-array microphones, built into all new Toshiba laptops. Works great with Skype™ too!

Cortana quick key

Cortana® quick key.

Activate Cortana®, your personal digital assistant, with the click of a key - only on Toshiba keyboards. One touch, and Cortana's at your service.


TruBrite® screens.

Seeing the true beauty of Windows 10 isn’t hard when you’re using a laptop that features a high-quality display offering truly brilliant color, contrast and clarity. Whether you choose an HD, Full HD or UltraHD 4K resolution display, you’ll see your desktops, work and content you love come to life right before your eyes. Choose a touch-enabled display and unleash new ways to work and play.

Killer Sound

Killer sound, brought to you by audio experts.

Don’t settle for standard audio when Toshiba offers the mind-blowing sound you crave. From supreme sound by Skullcandy® to premium Harman Kardon® stereo speakers with DTS Sound™ enhancements, Toshiba PCs deliver incredibly expressive sound fields for a truly awesome audible experience.

2-in-1 devices.

2-in-1 devices.

Get the best of both worlds—the full performance of a laptop plus the convenience of a tablet—in one powerful device. The new Continuum feature built into Windows 10 optimizes your experience by seamlessly transitioning onscreen features, like menus and taskbars, adapting to the screen view for easy navigation.