ClearFrame™ Anti-Blur Technology

If you love watching action-packed movies and fast-paced sports, blurring may be one of the things that bugs you the most. The good news is that Toshiba ClearFrame™ Anti-Blur Technology all but eliminates it. Found on our select HD TVs, it provides significantly clearer full-motion video compared to standard 60Hz TVs. Isn’t that what great HD TV is all about?

Faster Frame Rates Clarify the Action
Toshiba ClearFrame™ 120Hz doubles normal 60Hz performance to reduce blurring caused by fast-action video. And our ClearScan™ 240Hz goes a step beyond, quadrupling the 60Hz rate to create a 240Hz effect. They both improve picture clarity dramatically, without impacting brightness or adding flicker. And for those who prefer a more film-like picture, ClearScan™ 240Hz also offers a 5:5 Pull-Down option.
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