Televisions Research Center

As a leader of innovation, Toshiba offers many advanced technologies that produce smoother, crisper images, rich true colors and clearer fast motion. The result is a breath taking picture with incredible detail and depth.


It's TV that thinks big.

What would you call TV that was clued in to the connectivity, convenience and the many kinds of entertainment you like? We call it SmartTV—a suite of breakthrough innovations.

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Calibrate your HDTV

Achieve a strong picture for your HDTV.

You don’t have to be an expert on color calibration to achieve a strong picture for your HDTV. You just have to know the basics.

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Audyssey Audio Technology

Listen up

A suite of premier audio technologies that improves the quality of the television speakers and drivers.

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Local Dimming

Makes blacks deeper and viewing better

Improves black levels, contrast ratios, and delivers many more dimming zones than average, for a significantly better picture.

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Resolution +™

Super resolution technology

Not just simple scaling, Resolution+™ uses complex image correction to enhance the detail of each image, making everything feel like HD.

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ClearScan™ 240Hz

Bid blurring good-bye

When it comes to action-packed movies and fast-paced sports, take advantage of Toshiba technology that delivers a far clearer picture compared to 60Hz or even standard 120Hz televisions.

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How do 3D TVs work?

We give you a
“behind-the-screens” look

Take a peek at the science of stereoscopy, and see how it plays out into amazing imagery. Here’s the technology behind the illusion.

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Gaming mode

Play games on your big screen

Enhances the gaming experience by reducing game controller delay.

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1080p Full HD

Enjoy clear, lifelike images

Most of our TVs offer 1080p Full HD, the highest level of High Definition picture quality available today.

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Ideal picture for your lighting condition

AutoView™ automatically sets most of the TV picture parameters for you so you get the ideal picture in any room lighting condition.

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Crisp and clear images

Increases the frame rate of standard LCD TV, 1080p Full HD LCD images are now crisp and clear regardless of image motion.

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Dolby® Volume

Perfect volume – All the time

Eliminates inconsistent volume levels when changing channels, inputs or even during TV commercials.

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Dynamic backlight control

Automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content. The result is a powerful picture with deep blacks.

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Dynamic Noise Reduction

Optimize the image is all situations

Dynamic Noise Reduction can distinguish areas of noise and apply noise reduction to only those areas.

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Energy Efficient TVs

Conserve energy

Toshiba is committed to playing a leading role in helping establish a sustainable society, starting with offering ENERGY STAR® compliant TVs.

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Expert Mode

Take control

Expert Mode allow for more precise picture adjustments for a totally optimized home theater experience.

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Native Mode™

Enjoy the full picture

Displays the 3% to 5% of the image that is generally lost during the normal over-scanning that is done in most TVs.

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