Native Mode

Think all your entertainment has to be Full 1080p HD? Think again. Many popular TV broadcasts, movies and other content is produced in standard-def 480i and 480p or high-def 720p. Depending on the show or your preferences, there are times when you may not want your Toshiba 1080p or 720p HD TV to automatically upconvert those signals. Native Mode™ lets you easily take control.

Stops Over-Scanning and Unneeded Scaling
On 1080p Toshiba HD TV models, Native Mode™ eliminates unnecessary scaling of Full HD signals that can reduce overall image resolution, therefore quality. Activated on either our 720p or 1080p TVs, it also displays the three to five per cent of the image edges that most sets lose to normal over-scanning. None of the original picture is lost. So you lose none of the action.
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