Toshiba 3D Resolution™ + & Resolution+™

You know you want a Toshiba HD TV to bring stunning high-def entertainment into your home. But what about those standard DVDs, TV channels, camcorder videos and games? Now you can transform them with 3D Resolution+™ and Resolution+™ Super-Resolution Technology. Available on our 3D-capable HDTVs and select full 1080p Toshiba HDTVs, this innovative technology upconverts 480i, 480p, and even 720p content to create a sharper, more detailed picture. In short, all your standard-def stuff will look and feel more like HD. 3D Resolution+™ uses our acclaimed Toshiba Chip with Cell algorithms to deliver sharper 3D Images with non-full HD 3D signals.

The Science Behind More Spectacular Scenes
What’s the secret of Toshiba Resolution+? Three key elements. Color Correction and RGB Gamma improve brightness, color saturation, contrast and hue. They also calibrate the RGB values of the pixels to the characteristics of your monitor, for a sharper look. Next, Advanced Color Image fine-tunes environmental and character colors—like sky, grass, leaves and skin—to give these images a more natural appearance.
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