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Introducing Toshiba SmartTV, a suite of innovations available on premium L6200U and L7200U HDTVs.These sets transform your television experience by effortlessly tying into the Web, mobile devices, even other electronics in your home to expand what you can do and enjoy—and simply make life easier. Stream content with Netflix® and other providers. Share videos and music across your home network and other devices. Get unchained Web access with an open browser. Find your Favorites in a flash. Plan your entertainment with Toshiba MediaGuide. Or set up your home theater in a heartbeat, and control it all with your universal remote, tablet PC or smartphone.

Toshiba SmartTV is more than just a clever idea. It’s a whole new way to look at the world.


There’s no place like home

ePortal is a convenient “home page” that allows you to get the most from SmartTV features such as Apps, the Internet (Web browser), MediaShare (Media Player), Search-All and MediaGuide. It also offers Events, Favorites and Messages—all through an intuitive and simple graphic interface.

Open Browser

Get on the wide-open web

When it comes to Internet TV, an open browser breaks down all barriers and lets you explore everything the Web has to offer. Now, along with access to popular places like Netflix®, YouTube® and others, you’re also able to search for and browse your favorite sites with easy, intuitive navigation.

Media Guide

Open an encyclopedia of exciting

MediaGuide looks like a simple channel guide, but acts like a source of great entertainment. Beyond just giving the information you need to choose programs, it makes searching for shows much easier, without interrupting what you’re watching. Plus, it lets you view and select movies and other content from streaming media providers like VUDU®, CinemaNow® and many others.

Media Share

Give your media the run of the house

Moving your movies, videos, music and pictures from one place to another is no longer a hassle. Toshiba SmartTVs are designed to set up, synch and work seamlessly with other electronics in your home entertainment network, including AV receivers, DVD players and more. Plus, MediaShare provides a simple graphic interface that makes sharing even easier. So go ahead: take a romantic comedy from your home media server and watch it in the bedroom. Or present a slideshow to friends in your living room.

Seamless Search

Ye shall find!

When you want to find something right now, you don’t want restrictions. Toshiba SmartTVs solve that problem by offering Search-All Seamless Search. Using simple input from you, Search-All quickly scours the Web and your home network for the favorites and content you want.

Content Apps

Expanded entertainment content

Instantly watch popular TV shows and movies through Netflix®*, VUDU® HD Movies, VUDU® Apps, YouTube®, CinemaNow® and more. These apps are easily accessed directly from ePortal. So great entertainment options are always instantly available.

*Netflix unlimited streaming membership required

Built-In WiFi

Convenience that strikes a cord

Your living room is a place of comfort, beauty and relaxation—all the more reason not to disrupt it with unsightly cords and other clutter. Count on select Toshiba SmartTVs to do their part. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi®, they greatly simplify streaming movies and other multimedia from your media server or the Internet.


Get clued in with just a click

Toshiba SmartTVs are easy to use, right out of the box. But they’re also very versatile and loaded with features. Should you need assistance in setting them up, or discovering how to do something cool, help is just a few clicks away, thanks to the context sensitive on-screen eManual. It seems to know where you are in the process, and is always ready with answers.

Universal System Blaster

Make home theater set-up a snap

The remote control that comes with your Toshiba SmartTV is the easiest way to a fully integrated home theater system. It’s combined with a built-in Universal System Blaster containing the codes needed to operate today’s most popular home entertainment electronics, along with an IR blaster cable to make set-up a breeze. You just point, press and enjoy.

Tablet and Smartphone Control Apps
A/V Remote App

Get a grip on more convenient viewing

You use your tablet or smartphone for everything else, why not as a TV and AV remote control? Toshiba SmartTVs offer tablet PC and smartphone control apps with many pages of options to give you maximum flexibility. Plus, they include the codes needed to operate today’s most popular home entertainment electronics.

Send & Play App

Make every webpage a site to see

Have you found a cool video on a website with your tablet? Would you like to view it full-size on your Toshiba SmartTV? Use the open browser and URL Send & Play feature on your Toshiba SmartTV to splash it on the big screen—wirelessly and easily.

Media Guide App

See what’s on, without turning on your TV

With MediaGuide for Tablet, you needn’t turn on your TV and hunt through the guide, or fire up your laptop or desktop computer to find listings for shows and movies. This awesome app makes it simple to search, browse and find what you want, then send that content to your Toshiba SmartTV—for the ultimate in convenience.

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